#HRSocialHour #TwitterChat with @People_Element 5/9

We are so excited to share that we are partnered with People Element for May 2020. As we look to enter into our “new normal” (yes, I know we all hate that phrase, but it’s much better than those that want to “return” – where we were wasn’t very good y’all and you know it.) we will likely need help. Many will have staff in the office, working remotely or some combination. Gaining engagement was hard enough when we all worked in the same place, but now that we are working in a wide variety of locations, getting staff to feel connected enough to work as a team is going to be even harder. And leaders, you need to be ready NOW. There is no grace period. People Element can help you figure out what your staff want and need.

Join us on Sunday 5/5 at 6 pm CT as we chat on Twitter about employee engagement with People Element!

  • Q1. What’s in your glass?
  • Q2. How do you believe more engaged employees would improve your organization’s business?
  • Q3. Who owns and is responsible for owning employee engagement in your organization?  Is that who you think should own it and if not who do you believe should?
  • Q4. Do you utilize multiple touch points with your employees throughout the year?  What cadence do you feel makes the most sense to collect employee feedback?
  • Q5. Employees are not likely to be more engaged than their manager.  When managers are already overwhelmed by their other responsibilities what is the best way to engage them?
  • Q6. What steps would you take if the executive team is taking employee feedback too personally and/or making excuses instead of facing the feedback head on?
  • Q7. Are your employees struggling to disconnect from work during their free time? What resources, if any, does your company provide to help support disconnecting from work?

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