#HRSocialHour #TwitterChat 7/11 7 pm ET

Well, dear readers, I hope none of you have been looking for anything profound coming from my blog lately! It’s been a wild year and I haven’t really had much to write about. Hopefully that will change in the near future, but rest assured, you will ALWAYS get the updates on the #HRSocialHour Twitter Chat! In our next chat, we are excited to welcome former podcast guest Sam Jenniges about those HR-adjacent folks! You know them, you love them: the vendors, the consultants, the podcast hosts …

We have a lot of HR-adjacent folks in the #HRSocialHour Community, so let’s talk about it! Join us on Sunday, July 11, 7 pm ET!

Q1. What’s in your glass?

Q2. What roles do you consider to be “adjacent” to HR?

Q3. What role are you in and which adjacent roles have you worked with?

Q4. If you could communicate 1-3 things to any adjacent role, what would it be?

Q5. There can be crossover with HR adjacent roles like skill building, surveying, etc. Sometimes it makes sense to divide and conquer. How might we thoughtfully maximize when there is crossover?

Q6. How can adjacent roles best support and work with HR?

Q7. How can HR best support and work with adjacent roles?

QTG.  We are all better when we are informed. What 1-3 things will you do to help elevate, support, or influence the work of an adjacent role?

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