#HRSocialHour #TwitterChat 9/26 7pm ET

Jon and I have really enjoyed working with Mike Sipple Jr and his team at Talent Magnet Institute. Recently, they launched a leadership basics course for early and mid-level professionals to give their careers a little boost. But the thing I love most about this is it’s not just for those who are thinking about formal leadership within their organization, but for those who are in informal leadership positions, influencing from across the organization. And that’s a challenge most of us have right? For so long, in order to be seen as a leader within the organization, you’ve needed the title to go along with it. And with the title comes supervising people. We all know not everyone is cut out to supervise others (I know I’m not). But everyone can be seen as a leader and we should be looking for ways to recognize and reward these folks (and not just with titles).

Which is really why I’m excited about this conversation. Mike and his team will be joining us to talk about leadership within the organization and some of the challenges and changes we’ve see. Be sure to set your reminders for Sunday 9/26, 7 pm ET and join us on Twitter!

  • Q1. What’s in your glass?
  • Q2. What’s an employer practice that you think helps retain your early to mid-career professionals?
  • Q3. How do you prepare employees to manage people/teams for the first time? 
  • Q4. What is the worst thing a boss ever said/did to you? #TellmeTMI
  • Q5.What is your #1 tip for all of us to do tomorrow to express appreciation to our team?
  • Q6. What is one of the main differences between the way people led 30 years ago and the way they lead now?
  • Q7. What do you feel is the #1 challenge you and/or your employees face right now?

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