Talent Magnet Institute Podcast with Minda Harts

That’s right folks, it’s an actual blog post from me! I have no excuse for not writing. I have had time, but not the desire. I love that I’m still able to connect with you through the podcast and Twitter chats, but today I really wanted to share this podcast with you all and encourage you to listen. As I’m now working from home full time, it is harder for me to listen to podcasts. I can’t just sit & listen and I can’t listen while I’m working. I sneak some time in when I take breaks to play with the dogs outside or those rare occasions when I have to drive to Sioux Falls. Today, my guest host episode on the Talent Magnet Institute came out where I was fortunate to interview Minda Harts.

I had the opportunity to interview Minda before on the 11th episode of HR Wonder Women. And now she has another book coming out, Right Within, hitting shelves October 5 (I preordered mine a while ago and now I’m eagerly awaiting the notification so I can start stalking it’s arrival). Minda writes her book with Women of Color in mind, but it is so important for white folks to read and listen as well. We need to be quiet and listen to the stories from People of Color to learn from their experiences. Our intent does not matter. Let me say that again:

Our intent does not matter.

We need to listen and understand that just because we haven’t experienced something or seen something, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Just because you thought the joke was funny, doesn’t mean anyone else agrees. Check yourself before you comment. Or better yet, just don’t.

I’d also like to encourage you to stop saying you are going to eliminate bias. We can’t. Conscious or unconscious bias will always be with you because you are human. What we need to eliminate is Unchecked Bias. Do the work to know what your biases are and check them prior to making decisions, especially when employment decisions are involved.

Take 30 minutes today to listen to my interview with Minda on the Talent Magnet Institute podcast and then another 30 minutes to listen to Jon & Mike interview her on the #HRSocialHour podcast.

I hope you take the time to read Minda’s books or listen to her podcast and learn from her and her guests. And then, help us put out the call for Beyonce to get on Minda’s podcast!

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