The Great Reprioritization, #HRSocialHour #TwitterChat

Recently, Jon & I were invited by Caroline Vernon to participate in an INTOO webinar on the “Great Resignation” or as some are calling it the “Great Reprioritization.” [Did you miss it? Check out the replay here.] It’s an interesting topic to consider because one thing we all have seen during the last 20 months is people are no longer willing to put up with poor pay, bad bosses and toxic work environments. Add to that very low unemployment and lots and lots of jobs available, why should they? We’d love to get your thoughts as well, so be sure to join us on Sunday October 10 at 6 pm CT as we talk more about the Great Resignation.

  • Q1. What’s in your glass?
  • Q2. What do you believe has triggered “The Great Resignation?”  Is it really happening?
  • Q3. How can an organization position itself to stand out and attract high-quality candidates?
  • Q4. What strategies has your organization put in place to retain talent (or have you put in such strategies)?
  • Q5. Where do you think organizations should put resources to address the challenges many have seen in the last 18 months?
  • Q6. Has your organization adjusted to protect your organization’s brand?  If so, how?  
  • Q7. How long do you believe the current challenges many organizations are facing with talent will continue?  Is this a short-term issue?

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