22 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2022

  1. Launching, officially, my ice cream business, Dailey Scoops. 🍨
  2. More podcasting, both with #HRSocialHour and for my official job. 🎤
  3. More writing – I’ve let my non-chat related posts lag. I’m ready to write more. 💻
  4. More fiction reading. Let me know what I need to read! 📚
  5. Mastering “Christmas Time Is Here” on the piano in time for Christmas. 🎹
  6. Travel. Hoping to get some trips to visit friends and maybe podcasting at a conference (or two). 🛫
  7. Maggie taking a couple of big trips on her own — one with her youth group and another with her high school orchestra to Disneyland! 🎻
  8. Taking Jessie’s Girl Scout troop on their first overnight troop trip. 🚙
  9. Dates with my husband. 🥂🍻
  10. Family camping (getting lots of use out of the camper!) ⛺️
  11. Local wine trips 🍷
  12. Family reunion
  13. More Piyo! 💪
  14. Celebrating 19 years of marriage.
  15. More Marvel movies 🍿
  16. Taking the dogs to the Nature Park 🦮
  17. Lazy weekends and evenings
  18. Busy weekends and evenings
  19. More homemade pizza nights
  20. Master a viola/piano duet with Maggie
  21. Mom-daughter trips with my girls
  22. Turning 50.

One thought on “22 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2022

  1. Love the list Wendy. I’m almost ready to make my own list of to-do’s for the year after reading this. Several things stand out – a) Viola/Piano duets? really? I play both; b) marvel movies of course; c) you should read Dark Matter by Blake Crouch; and d) sigh… turning 50… ditto. Much success to your 22 goals!


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