#HRSocialHour #TwitterChat 4/24 Delivering Bad News

One thing all HR pros have to do is deliver bad news. Whether you are in talent acquisition (you didn’t get the job) or payroll (your check got messed up), bad news comes with the territory. I know I’ve never really been trained to deliver bad news. The closest I ever came was a training session that talked about the “feedback sandwich” — you know how you “sandwich” the bad news between 2 pieces of good news. Even though we all know it doesn’t work, there are still folks out there peddling that bad advice.

After the last chat where we discussed Shenanigans, we thought it made sense to talk about how to have those uncomfortable conversations that may lead to delivering some bad news. Be sure to join us on Twitter on 4/24 at 7 pm ET, using the #HRSocialHour hashtag, and let’s learn together!

A gorgeous girl with a phone in her hand is surprised by something she saw on the screen is holding her glasses in front of bright yellow background. Creator: Povozniuk | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
  1. What’s in your glass?
  2. No one likes delivering bad news. How do you prep for delivery?
  3. No one likes delivering uncomfortable news. Do you prep differently for this delivery?
  4. Were you taught how to give bad news? How would you teach others?
  5. What was the best piece of advice you have received on giving bad news?
  6. What’s been the oddest response you’ve received from the person you gave the bad news to?
  7. What’s been the oddest piece of feedback you’ve received?

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