Side Gigs #HRSocialHour #TwitterChat 5/8

If you are here, you know that I have a couple of side gigs. The podcast and Twitter chat have been a part of my life for so long now that it is sometimes hard to remember what life was like before them. I wouldn’t change this time for anything! As I write, memories from our trip to NYC and Namely’s HR Redefined Conference in 2019 are flooding my memories – even more timely as we welcome back Namely for another sponsored month.

And now, I’m starting to sell ice cream – talk about something that wasn’t on the radar. While I don’t necessarily recommend turning your hobby into a business, I’ve definitely learned a lot about the “other side” of businesses as I have not spent ANY time on finance or accounting in the past. This is why I’m really excited to be chatting about side gigs this weekend. It’s an opportunity for us to help each other with advice, feedback or even share ideas.

And yes, we realize it is Mother’s Day, but take an hour & join us on Twitter, 6 pm CT.

  • Q1 What’s in your glass?
  • Q2 Do you have a side gig? Is it HR-related? How long have you had it?
  • Q3 If you don’t have a side gig, have you had one or are you considering it?
  • Q4 Do you think the perception of side gigs has changed over the last few years?  If so, how?
  • Q5 Any questions for those who have a side gig? For those who have one, any advice for those looking to find one?
  • Q6 How else can those of us who take part in #HRSocialHour help you right now?

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