5 Years of #HRSocialHour #TwitterChats

In 2016, I attended the HR conference in DC. I reached out to folks I knew on HR Twitter to make coffee and happy hour dates. I’m sure I knew Jon would be attending, but we had not made specific plans to meet. We ran into each other on the Expo floor, said a quick hello, and then went on our way. When I got on the elevator, the following day, there was Jon! Little did we know then that this was the beginning of more than just a friendship, but a partnership! If you are here, you know that it was in 2017 that Jon and I kicked off #HRSocialHour as we were suffering from a hard case of FOMO.

Wendy & Jon in Washington DC

And now, here we are 5 years later. We are getting close to 100 chats, we survived a pandemic, we grew our community and we have recorded almost 300 podcast episodes! Those two wide-eyed, young(ish) kids had no idea what was in store for them!

So we hope you will join us on Sunday, 6/12 at 7 pm ET for our 5th-anniversary celebration #TwitterChat! We hope you will at least stop by for a quick hello even if you can’t stay for the whole chat!

  • Q1. What’s in your glass?
  • Q2. Do you recall how you first found out about the chat?
  • Q3. What’s been the most memorable topic/conversation you’ve taken part of here?
  • Q4. What’s the most surprising takeaway you’ve had from the chat?
  • Q5. Who’s someone you’ve connected with via the chats (besides Jon & Wendy) that’s become an important part of your network? Recognize them!
  • Q6. Have you ever taken part in any of our non chat events? If so, what was your favorite?
  • Q7. What’s kept you coming back to #HRSocialHour over the years?
  • Q8. How can those of us in #HRSocialHour help you right now?
  • QTG. What’s a topic you’d like us to consider discussing over the next few months?

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