Turn Off the Web Cam

We are barely 3 weeks into most of the #StayAtHome recommendations and we are already over the web-based meetings with video. We are exhausted! Our new verb "Zooming" is zapping our energy but we can't figure out why. After all, isn't this what we wanted? To be able to work from home? And if you …

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The Changed World of Work #HRSocialHour Chat 4/12 7 pm ET

#COVID19 has changed the world of work, for better or worse is yet to be decided. More people are working from home, working different shifts, rotating days. It's been challenging for all of us to make these adjustments, especially after spending many years saying it just couldn't be done. It departments are scrambling to ensure …

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Ordinary Things

It's been a rough couple of weeks at my house. I'm trying to take comfort, find blessings in those little things in life that make life worthwhile. I asked friends on Twitter to share their favorite ordinary things and of course, was not disappointed. Here are a few of my favorite responses. https://twitter.com/Paula4Harvey/status/1242471131174637568 https://twitter.com/traciespon/status/1242419182186237953 https://twitter.com/WendyMSHRMPHR/status/1242512624727797760

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Be Prepared! An #HRSocialHour Chat about Emergency Preparedness

This is definitely a new era we are living in. Many of us have been through emergency situations - either brought about by weather or financial situations. Very few of us have been through a situation that is affecting the entire world at the same time, at the same level of intensity. It's a scary …

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#HRSocialHour Emerging Professionals Chat

Last summer, Jon & I were invited by Callie Zipple to keynote at the Emerging Professionals event as a kick off to the 2019 SHRM conference. We love chatting with young professionals, those who are making the choice early in life to join the HR profession. We are excited to be joined by Amanda Brunson …

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#HRSocialHour & #BlackBlogsMatter – the Crossover Chat You Never Knew You Needed

After a long weekend of selling cookies (seriously, over 2 days, we spent 8 hours at Wal-mart & 2 hours at Runnings. Tired doesn't begin to cover it!), Rocky & I hit our favorite craft beer tasting room with some cookies to pair up (always good). So I was able to participate in this wonderful …

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#HRSocialHour & #BlackBlogsMatter Crossover Chat

It's #BlackHistoryMonth and the last year of the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge hosted by the awesome Sarah Morgan. What better time to have Sarah co-host the Twitter Chat??? This chat will be a little more serious than our usual chats, but we feel this is a valuable and timely conversation to have. We may get a little …

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