Mental Health Awareness month, an #HRSocialHour #TwitterChat

As May is designated as Mental Health Awareness month, Jon & I want to find ways to recognize the month. Last year, we hosted Andrew Morton on the podcast, who shared his story. This year, we are thrilled to welcome Greg Buck and decided to have a chat about it. As we talk about on …

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Missing In Person Conferences? Let’s Get Virtual!

6 BEST GLOBAL EXPERTS IN HR ARE UNITED TO DISCUSS LIFE IN THE WORLD AND BUSINESS AFTER COVID-19⠀⠀Don’t miss the large-scale online WOWHR GLOBAL CONFERENCE: RESTART after COVID-19. The top HR trend-setters from USA, Singapore and UK will share their vision on what is happening to the world after COVID-19, how to re-activate workflow of …

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#HRWonderWoman Virtual Session for #WorkHuman2020

Last summer, I was thrilled to receive notice that my #HRWonderWomen submission for Work Human Live 2020 had been accepted. Anne Tomkinson & I had submitted the idea to have a live panel discussion where we would talk with women of color and record it to share as a podcast. Anne and I had just …

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Are You Asking the Right Questions

It seems like everyone wants content related to COVID-19 and that is definitely not my forte. Talent acquisition, for the most part, continues forward, but there will be changes. When I was talking with Vadim, I realized I have more questions than answers. But as each organizations is different, how you answer the questions is …

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After Covid-19: a #HRSocialHour Chat

We've been spending a lot of time talking about how this virus is affecting the workplace. You can't go 15 minutes on social media without someone sharing their "tips for working remotely" or "leading through a crisis." I put out a request for blog topic ideas and got a lot just like that. This information …

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Dealing with Stress During a Pandemic

Like many of you, life has changed for me. I'm working at home. The girls are schooling from home. My 45 minute commute is suspended so there's a little more time in my day! I'm hoping to use this time to write a little more. So, good, bad, meh, I'm going to try to write …

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Turn Off the Web Cam

We are barely 3 weeks into most of the #StayAtHome recommendations and we are already over the web-based meetings with video. We are exhausted! Our new verb "Zooming" is zapping our energy but we can't figure out why. After all, isn't this what we wanted? To be able to work from home? And if you …

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The Changed World of Work #HRSocialHour Chat 4/12 7 pm ET

#COVID19 has changed the world of work, for better or worse is yet to be decided. More people are working from home, working different shifts, rotating days. It's been challenging for all of us to make these adjustments, especially after spending many years saying it just couldn't be done. It departments are scrambling to ensure …

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Ordinary Things

It's been a rough couple of weeks at my house. I'm trying to take comfort, find blessings in those little things in life that make life worthwhile. I asked friends on Twitter to share their favorite ordinary things and of course, was not disappointed. Here are a few of my favorite responses.

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