#GuestPost: Connections with @garryturner0

Recently, I connected with Garry Turner on Twitter. Garry reached out to me when I first started asking for guest posts; he shared a post he had written on Connections and asked if we could chat about his podcast. And the answer is, of course, Of Course! And after several failed attempts to connect due …

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Believe in Yourself #GuestPost

At SHRM, Jon and I came up with a new segment for our podcast, #HRSuperfriends, where we share new things that our friends are doing. So, as we start sharing there, I thought it would be fun to highlight some #HRSuperfriends here as well and I reached out to other HR pros on the interwebz …

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Banning Salary History

As the president of a local SHRM chapter in South Dakota, I have the privilege (?) of receiving legislative updates from our lobbyist. Which is actually rather nice and interesting. Typically, my knowledge of what's going on legislatively in the state has been limited to what others share on Facebook and Twitter (and there's not …

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