#HRMixTape: Hamilton

Maggie and I have been listening to Broadway music for a little over a year now - ever since I took her to see "Into the Woods" at the Washington Pavilion. We've enjoyed music from "Wicked" "The Book of Mormon" "Chicago" and of course "Hamilton." (Gotta love Pandora making it easy for us to find …

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Banning Salary History

As the president of a local SHRM chapter in South Dakota, I have the privilege (?) of receiving legislative updates from our lobbyist. Which is actually rather nice and interesting. Typically, my knowledge of what's going on legislatively in the state has been limited to what others share on Facebook and Twitter (and there's not …

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We are definitely in a watershed moment here folks. Women, people are coming forward to say No More to harassment, sexual or otherwise. I have my own #MeToo moments but nothing like some of that we're hearing about. But that's how it starts, isn't it? It starts with someone getting away with, or not getting …

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