#HRSocialHour Episode 48 with Andi Deavers (@thegirlinHR)

I had the opportunity to meet Andi at SHRM18, but have been following her for a while, especially when she was part of #NotatSHRM17. She has a very interesting story, starting college with the intention of going to medical school. And fortunately for us, she detoured to HR Listen, share, rate & review!

#HRWonderWomen Episode 4 with Aiko Bethea

I was introduced to Aiko when I put a call out in a Slack group created by HRUprise. Anne and I were looking for women we haven't spoken to, women who are doing work to support women of color, women in the LGBTQ+ community and we were putting out the request the only way we …

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#HRSocialHour Episode 38 with Joey Price

I've been listening to HR podcasts on and off for a couple of years. Joey's podcast Business, Life & Coffee was one of the first I would listen to on a regular basis (and actually where I first learned about Chris Fields, but I'll save that for Chris' episode). Joey is a bit unique in …

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Zen Your Work: #bookreview

I've written about this before, but at SHRM18, I had the opportunity to listen to and meet Dr Karlyn Borysenko. I pre-ordered her book and really enjoyed reading it!  Here's what resonated with me most: I am in control of my experience. Starting in a new position with a new company, I am more surprised …

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A Holiday Special: #HRSocialHour & #NextChat Crossover!

Jon and I love a good crossover episode, and we also love a good Holiday episode so when we discovered Mary was taking December 26th off (a much deserved break!), we volunteered to host the chat. So if you're like me and in the office, or like Jon and not, we hope you will join …

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