#HRSocialHour Episode 49 with Chris Fields (@resumecrusade)

Last summer, I knew it was time for a job change and so I reached out to Chris Fields aka @Resumecrusade. I had heard a podcast he did with Joey Price a while ago and thought about reaching out, but never really did. He was great to work with. He provided a great product after …

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#HRSocialHour Episode 48 with Andi Deavers (@thegirlinHR)

I had the opportunity to meet Andi at SHRM18, but have been following her for a while, especially when she was part of #NotatSHRM17. She has a very interesting story, starting college with the intention of going to medical school. And fortunately for us, she detoured to HR Listen, share, rate & review!

#HRWonderWomen Episode 4 with Aiko Bethea

I was introduced to Aiko when I put a call out in a Slack group created by HRUprise. Anne and I were looking for women we haven't spoken to, women who are doing work to support women of color, women in the LGBTQ+ community and we were putting out the request the only way we …

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#HRSocialHour Episode 38 with Joey Price

I've been listening to HR podcasts on and off for a couple of years. Joey's podcast Business, Life & Coffee was one of the first I would listen to on a regular basis (and actually where I first learned about Chris Fields, but I'll save that for Chris' episode). Joey is a bit unique in …

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Zen Your Work: #bookreview

I've written about this before, but at SHRM18, I had the opportunity to listen to and meet Dr Karlyn Borysenko. I pre-ordered her book and really enjoyed reading it!  Here's what resonated with me most: I am in control of my experience. Starting in a new position with a new company, I am more surprised …

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