#HRSocialHour Episode 34 with Laurie Ruettimann

Listen, then rate, review & share! I love the podcast community! There is so much awesome collaboration and assistance to be had, much like the HR community. And the best part here? Laurie is both! Laurie has been "HR Famous" for some time now and started a podcast around the same time that Jon and …

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#Prosky: Overcoming Common Obstacles when Hiring Internally

Last December, I was prompted to write a post for Prosky on hiring internal candidates. Because we all love that rags to riches story (just check out all the mileage Howard Schultz is getting in his bid to run for President [just say no Howard, really, please]), the guy that starts in the mail-room and …

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#HRSocialHour Episode 35 with Sarah Noll Wilson

This was Jon's fanboy episode for sure! We had a fantastic conversation; you'll hear Sarah & I become best friends - now we just need to meet! Sarah is a theater geek who is using those skills to coach and help managers improve. She even shares this via a YouTube Channel in short 2 minute …

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#HRSocialHour Chat: Performance Management

Does anyone enjoy this? Really? Performance management is, on it's face, a fantastic idea. Giving employees the feedback they need to be a better employee. But how many times as an employee have you left a performance management meeting feeling beaten up, run down & like the worst employee ever? Even if the evaluation is …

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#HRSocialHour Episode 49 with Chris Fields (@resumecrusade)

Last summer, I knew it was time for a job change and so I reached out to Chris Fields aka @Resumecrusade. I had heard a podcast he did with Joey Price a while ago and thought about reaching out, but never really did. He was great to work with. He provided a great product after …

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#HRSocialHour Episode 48 with Andi Deavers (@thegirlinHR)

I had the opportunity to meet Andi at SHRM18, but have been following her for a while, especially when she was part of #NotatSHRM17. She has a very interesting story, starting college with the intention of going to medical school. And fortunately for us, she detoured to HR Listen, share, rate & review!