#HRSocialHour Half Hour Podcasts

Episode 37: Jon & Wendy talk to Jeff Palkowski

Episode 36: Jon & Wendy talk to Lorena Pabón

#HRWonderWomen Episode 2: Wendy & Anne talk to Sarah Morgan

Episode 35: Jon & Wendy talk to Sarah Noll Wilson

Episode 34: Jon & Wendy talk to Laurie Ruettimann

Episode 33: Jon & Wendy talk to Karlyn Borysenko

Special Episode: Jon & Wendy talk to Debra Squires of Namely episode sponsored by Namely

Episode 32: Jon & Wendy talk to Chris Orozco

#HRWonderWomen Episode 1: Wendy & Anne talk to Margaret Spence

Episode 31: Jon & Wendy talk to Mary Faulkner

Episode 30: Jon & Wendy talk to Ben Eubanks

Episode 29: Jon & Wendy talk to Carlos Escobar

Episode 28: Jon & Wendy talk to Melanie Peacock

Episode 27: Jon & Wendy talk to Amanda Brunson

Episode 26: Jon & Wendy talk to Gemma Toth

Episode 25: Jon & Wendy talk to Dave Ryan

Episode 24: Jon & Wendy talk to Claire Petrie

Episode 23: Jon & Wendy talk to Mofota Sefali, Anish Aravind, Renee Robson

Episode 22: Jon & Wendy talk to Sue-Ellen & Ben Watts & Kavi Arasu

Episode 21: Jon & Wendy talk to each other (finally)

Episode 20: Jon & Wendy talk to Paula Harvey

Episode 19: Jon & Wendy talk to Jessica Miller-Merrill

Episode 18: Jon & Wendy talk to Cheryl Nelson

Episode 17: Jon & Wendy talk to Mary Williams

Episode 16: Jon & Wendy talk to Dan Cross

Episode 15: Jon & Wendy talk to Keith Enochs

#SHRM18 Special Episode: Jon & Wendy talk to Andrew Morton

A #SHRM18 Episode: Wendy talks to Louis Lessig

Episode 14: Jon & Wendy talk to Michael Mullady

Episode 13: Jon & Wendy talk to Michelle Kohlhof

A Disruptive Episode: Jon & Wendy talk to Jennifer McClure

Episode 12: Jon & Wendy talk to Melissa Sanborn

Episode 11: Jon & Wendy talk to Ian Mondrow

Episode 10: Jon & Wendy talk to Kristina Minyard

Episode 9: Jon & Wendy talk to Kate Bischoff

Episode 8: Jon & Wendy talk to Nicole Roberts

Our very first Special Episode: Jon & Wendy talk to Marc & Dennis from Hostile Work Environment

Episode 7: Jon & Wendy talk to John Kates

Episode 6: Jon & Wendy talk to Janelle Rodriguez

Episode 5: Jon & Wendy talk to Kyra Matkovich

Episode 4: Jon & Wendy talk to Jazmine Wilkes

Episode 3: Jon & Wendy talk to Anne Tomkinson

Episode 2: Jon & Wendy talk to Kelly Marinelli

Episode 1: Jon & Wendy talk to Steve Browne

Episode 0: Jon & Wendy talk to each other


HR_Social Hour_OTL_v00

So excited to be able to share my new venture: Jon Thurmond and I are starting a podcast! We were looking for a way to take the #HRSocialHour to the next level and continue to encourage networking among HR professionals who start meeting on Twitter (or other social media). We hope these podcasts are that introduction to other HR pros that you don’t want to make on your own!

We have had a lot of fun chatting with our first guests and I can’t wait to share our pod casts with you. I hope you will listen, and share with your friends. We talk about some HR stuff, but just like HR Social Hour, our talks are focused on not what we do, but who we are as professionals and people.

Podcasts will come out weekly on Thursdays (and I’ll share links back here). And continue to join us for the monthly Twitter chats., 4th Sunday each month at 7 p.m. ET.


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