Did you get #TheMemo?

Last month, Anne and I had the privilege of having Minda Harts on #HRWonderWomen. We talked about her work, her podcast, and, of course, her book. We dived deep into her favorite female musician (Beyonce - we make the ask! Wouldn't it be fantastic to have her on the show?!?) and favorite fictional female character …

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#HRWonderWomen Episode 2 with @BuzzonHR

It's the beginning of a new year and a new #BlackBlogsMatter challenge! Every year Sarah Morgan leads this charge. She provides writing prompts and encourages other black blog writers to use the prompt, and encourages everyone to read and share what is out there. There are a lot of great writers out there, sharing content …

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#HRWonderWomen Episode 3 with @Elena_Valentine

The shortest distance between 2 people is a story. Elena Valentine Every Christmas season we watch a variety of version of "A Christmas Carol." The George C Scott version is the perennial favorite. My favorite scenes are with the Ghost of Christmas Present (and in this version with the Equalizer Edward Woodland playing fabulously opposite …

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