Prosky: Talk to Your Employees

I've been working with my own staff to help make evaluations easier. At first, they didn't believe me that having small meetings throughout the year would make the evaluations easier. But guess what? I have a few more helpful hints on my Prosky blog post this month, check it out here


#HRSocialHour: Episode 9

Adding Kate to our line up was a must. She is sassy, sweet & so wonderful to be around. We've been connected on Twitter for quite a while. She got me into the HR Compliance Course through Mitchell-Hamline and meeting her in person for the first time at DisruptHR MSP was like running into an …

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#HRSocialHour: Episode 8

Have you ever wondered what it's like to testify in front of Congress? Nicole has been a member of SHRM's A (advocacy) Team and was invited to testify, as part of the SHRM team, on the FLSA in front of the house subcommittee. Talk about a seat at the table! Nicole tells us what it …

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#HRSocialHour: A Very Special Episode

When Jon and I were talking about starting our podcast, he recommended I listen to Hostile Work Environment, not just because of the topic (which is awesome), but because of the production value. Their sound is almost always spot on, even with their guests. But most HR professionals love these kinds of stories and Marc …

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